Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Troy bruce
Passed first time
Very happy with my instructor Mahmoud he was very patient and understanding he helped me pass first time, I have had 3 instructors in my life but Mahmoud was the most caring and experiencd and for me a perfect fit, we started on Saturday and by the following Thursday I had my pass certificate. I recommend.

Armann Ali
Passed 1st Time
Excellent teacher keeps you calm and doesn't get frustrated when you make a mistake. Would definitely recommend. Passed 1st time as well, couldn't be happier. Thank you Mahmoud.

Michiella wren
Passed 1st time
Mahmood was an amazing instructor, he was always on time and always happy. He taught me the best way to drive that suited me. He made me confident in manoeuvres that I was terrified about before. I cannot recommend him enough.

Justin Hullett
Had to switch and got a great instructor
Mouhamed was calm and friendly and I was glad that during our week together. He was prepared for what I needed and treated me as a friend! He listened and got me from 2 serious and loads of minors to a pass with 4 minors

Munawar khsn
Mr Mahmoud is really brilliant and qualificated instructor, I prefer contact this guy for your first time pass, whish you good luck.

Alex simpson
Passed first
I passed first time due to quality of the instructors lessons I will be highly recommending him.

Megan Lister
Passed 1st time
Passed first time. Brilliant instructor, made me feel at ease and would highly recoomend!